Virtual recruiter resume database

Highly driven Recruiter focused on building and maintaining candidate relationships to keep a consistent talent pipeline. Develop innovative recruiting strategies designed to identify qualified candidates through various recruiting tools.

Manage all phases of recruitment, including defining hiring management needs and creating job postings. Engaged in Internet and grass roots marketing efforts to recruit host families and Au pairs, while ensuring high level of confidentiality.

Virtual RPO Lead Recruiter Resume Example

Screened, interviewed and recruited high volume, qualified Host families and Au Pairs. Conducted interviews, reference and background checks on all prospective Host families. Organized and facilitated host family and student welcome and re-entry orientations. Created a stimulating, nurturing and safe environment for children's physical, developmental and behavioral needs.

Communicated the duties, compensation, benefits and working conditions to all potential candidates. Developed reports on employee headcount, monthly HR reports and quarterly training reports. Created new employee self-evaluation forms that focused on employee performance, competencies, engagement and development. Assisted management with presentations for business reviews and communications meetings. As such, it is not owned by us, and it is the user who retains ownership over such content.

Please provide a type of job or location to search! Love this resume? Build Your Own Now. Interviewing Prioritization Customer focused Hiring recommendations Project management Recruiting and selection techniques. Conduct reference and background checks on a minimum of ten candidates per month. Responsible for recruiting varying management positions globally. Lead bi-weekly team meetings to provide management with candidate updates.

Held monthly meetings and conducted mediations to resolve concerns where necessary. Acted as a liaison between schools and students to facilitate admission processes. Acted as impartial party to help resolve problems and concerns. Provided basic care and created a healthy and safe environment for children. Offered tutoring as a supplement to school work. Analyzed employment-related data and prepared required reports. Thoroughly explained the employee handbook during new employee orientations.

Resume Overview. Create a job alert for [job role title] at [location]. Similar Resumes. View All. Customer Service. All rights reserved. Interviewing Prioritization Customer focused.Fear not, because our Recruiter Resume sample below will provide you with all the required inspiration and guidance to craft your own unique resume.

virtual recruiter resume database

There are thousands of opportunities advertised each week, but just as many candidates applying for Recruitment roles on a global scale. Create My Resume. Free sample downloads are at the bottom of this page. A Recruiter resume consists of seven components, all vital to persuading a hiring manager or agency owner, or recruiter that you are the right fit for the role at hand.

We have unpacked the purpose of each component below:. Career Summary: A career summary should contain bullet points highlighting your most noteworthy skills, experience, and credentials relevant to the job opening. This serves as a teaser to the rest of your resume. You may use a paragraph format too, as long as it takes less than 30 seconds to read. Qualifications Summary: Provide accurate details about your qualifications completed and in process with the institution, qualification name, and dates.

Relevant Recruitment Experience: Highlight your relevant job experience by using either a functional or chronological resume. Both work as long as your duties and skills are aligned to the job description and further emphasize other areas, such as accomplishments, education, and skills.

Use brief sentences with bullet points to list the most important job functionalities. Other Employment Experience: No work experience yet? No problem.

Informal experience gained during vocational or temporary jobs is essential to jot down, especially if you are applying for an intern or junior recruiter position to showcase your work ethic and learning potential. Use the same strategy if you are making a career change, and this is the first recruiter role you are applying too.

Often recruiters have many years of experience, but your resume should not be a memoir of working history accumulated since year turn of the millennium!. Only elaborate on the last five to 10 years with full job descriptions and merely list company duration of employment and title for any work history preceding ten years to avoid employment gaps in your resume.

Then weave these keywords into your entire resume. This is called Resume SEO and will assist with beating the bots of ATS systems and ensure that a human actually gest to review your application. Make sure to list these accordingly in your education section. Recruiters will source, screen, and interview candidates before presenting them to the client or hiring manager. There are a few essential factors that you need to include in your resume to assist potential employers in determining whether you are a good fit for their team.

The purpose of a recruiter is to generate qualified candidates for open vacancies. Recruiters may work in-house for a specific company or be employed at a third-party agency where multiple clients are serviced.Resume Database. A resume database is like a savannah watering hole where job hunters and head hunters gather, like gazelles and lions, to slake their thirst for jobs and employees. And just like a watering hole, they may in some instances attract only one group or the other: Some resume databases double as job boards, allowing employers to be searched while they are searching and job seekers to job shop while being scouted.

What is innovative about resume databases as compared to pre-Internet resume submission is that they feature not only the element of free posting without submission to a specific employer, akin to "job wanted ads" of yore, but also aggregate them on a scale and with search functionality, updating capabilities and audio-visual media supplementation that traditional hard-copy media, such as newspaper ads, were never capable of.

Master the art of closing deals and making placements.

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Take our Recruiter Training Program today. Learn at your own pace during this week program. Our course is designed for those who want to break into recruiting, or for recruiters who want to further their career. We're SHRM certified.

virtual recruiter resume database

Often overlooked as a primary recruiting tool since most companies tend to advertise firsta first-rate resume database can present employers with several qualified candidates in an instant.

Here are some tricks on how to navigate them without getting overwhelmed. Websites like Craigslist. As great and free as those sites are, data mining activities and scams run rampant on these unrestricted sites. Be careful not to inadvertently expose yourself or your company. The best job boards tend to have the best resumes. Passive job seekers-those candidates who may be currently employed but are "passively" searching may only update their resume once a year.

It is important to look at a wide variety of resumes, not just the most currently posted. Post specific jobs not just job titles. A job title like "Project Manager" has a very different meaning in construction from what it does in IT, for example, and can be unproductive and maddening to search. The resume database is the ideal tool to uncover candidates with the exact skills needed.

When contacting a potential great candidate, provide clear details about the company and the opportunity and do not be afraid to follow up a second time.This page provides you with Recruiter resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder.

Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Recruiter resume. You see hundreds of resumes everyday, right? Over 3 million hopeful employees have been using our resume samples to build their dream career - now is the perfect time for you too. You know very well how little time recruiters spend looking at resumes. A clear typeface, big, bold headings and lots of white space is essential when constructing your resume. Resume Database - New Interface

Summarising your experience in a succinct and professional way can help seal the deal when vying for that first interview.

Be as specific as possible, outlining your specialisms and highlights your key wins as a recruiter from the outset. Are you known for upping revenue in your chosen field of expertise? Are you consistently decreasing hiring time across the board, leading to high approval ratings and bigger bonuses?

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Now is the time to showcase these wins. Seeking to leverage high performance in further networking and talent acquisition. Results-driven recruiter with 5 years experience. Have helped get clients in work and increase their network. Just starting out in recruitment? No problem. Using the recruiter summary section as an opportunity to include an objective statement will allow you to list transferable skills and key motivations to employers.

Passionate entry-level recruiter with qualification in HR. Highly versed in online content creation, SEO optimisation and social media, Looking to leverage these skills in the world of recruitment, using digital means to source quality clients. Entry-level recruiter wants position at your recruitment agency. Recruiter Resume with experience: We recommend you take these steps before listing your experience Highlight the qualities listed in the recruiter job app Can you prove that you meet these qualities?

Use bullet points to make information easier on the eye Start with your most recent job, especially if it was a big one. Highlight the company, your position, the dates involved and your duties or responsibilities. Varcity Recruitment Recruiter present Filled positions across industries within first 6 months of hire Executed full opening of major PA manufacturing station Performed HR functions as needed, reducing employee demands when short-staffed. Recruiter Resume with no experience: We recommend taking on some voluntary experience in the sales field to help build your portfolio.

Think about particular past experience that you can leverage to apply to the field of recruitment. Fairfield Jeans Sales Assistant present Assisted in sales of key product lines, managing stocktake and sales figures to ensure net profit over the year Managed social media accounts and website content for Fairfield Jeans Developed relationships with company stockholders, working across multiple locations and adapting to new formats.

If you require more more tips on writing your recruiter work experience check out our detailed resume guide.All of our recruiters are proficient in both written and verbal english skills. Our well trained recruiters know how to navigate the recruiting environment, stay current with the latest recruiting technology and have the resources to find the best available candidates for your open positions. AP-RPO can scale recruiting capacity to meet your hiring demands.

We bring people, technology, process, and metrics into your talent acquisition function.

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We can become the supplemental recruiters to your existing recruiting organization or for small businesses, you can outsource your recruiting function to AP-RPO. Our goal is to provide recruiters to the our clients within 24 hours. We have established best practice processes that we expect our recruiters to follow with flexibility to adjust to fit into the process of our clients. We employ trained recruiters who are sourcing specialists and they concentrate on reaching out to and locating active candidates.

Once a solicitation or requisition is received, a recruiter will compose a list of active candidates based upon the stipulations set forth in the request coming from the client. We have access to the standard resume databases in addition to our partnership with the various local sources and diversified network of candidates. Our recruiters also have an extensive database of technical questions for each of the positions.

The recruiter and the account manager create the list of technical questions for each position. Candidates are screened with the technical questions before submissions. The account manager may also conduct an additional technical interview for jobs requiring an uncommon or unique technical skillset.

Recruiter Resume Sample & Writing Guide

Our clients sets the schedule and the priority for the assigned recruiters. Our account manager are there to assist as needed to ensure perfect execution and client satisfaction. We report to the hiring manager upon receiving the results of the criminal background check, work eligibility check, credential check, references, drug screening, health forms and government approval.

This is how we earn business from our happy clients. Below given are the RPO services that we are offering you.

You can avail the services of a full time Virtual Recruiter or a team of Virtual Recruiters working as a part of your HR team for a contracted period of time. Our fees are either for - Recruiter with access to your databases - Recruiter with access to our databases Our recruiters will have access to Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice and our internal database.

Our process is flexible to accommodate your needs. The recruiters will be supervised by our team to ensure that they are meeting your expectations of them. These recruiters will be contacting candidates on behalf of the client.

You will be managing them on a day to day basis. Depending on your need, you can hire one full time Virtual Sourcer or a team of Sourcers who will source potential candidates for your in house recruiter.Dedicated to helping job seekers find work during the pandemic.

Click here to read more. Professional recruiters may be job search experts, but they still sometimes need a little support and guidance as they embark on their own journey to get hired. If you decide to go it alone, take a look at this collection of professional recruiter resume samples and use them as a model. In addition to this set of recruiter resume samples, you can also read through the subsections below for tips, advice, and support with the writing and editing process.

As you search for work in the recruiting field, the kinds of jobs you target will vary widely depending on your level of experience, the certifications, and other credentials you hold.

But all the same, there are a few universal guidelines and structural elements that most employers will need to see. Look for more information under the work experience subheading below, but in quick summary, the chronological format emphasizes your past positions, while the functional format emphasizes your areas of strength and potential future contributions. The first will offer a list of your most valuable strengths and areas of expertise, and the second will very briefly list your previous job titles, with no supporting detail.

Each title will stand alone, and you can feel free to omit start and end dates, responsibilities, and special accomplishments. The chronological format will typically meet the needs of candidates who hold an unbroken record of continuous employment and steadily increasing levels of responsibility. The functional format usually works better for those with hard-to-explain gaps or mid-life career shifts. Other sections of the resume may vary from one job search to the next, but in almost all cases, this section will offer about three or four lines of text that send the same basic message: this is the perfect candidate for the job in question.

While the summary section of a standard resume will always appear at the very top of the page, the education section can vary in position and placement. You may decide to insert this section just under the summary, or you can drop it to the bottom of the page to help your other sections stand out.

No matter which option you choose, there are a few items of information that will need to appear under this subheading. Start by providing a list of your academic degrees or diplomas, beginning with the most recent. Within each entry, list your degree, your institution, and your course of study. Optional additions include your graduation dates, GPA, and cum laude status. You can also use this section to provide reviewers with a list of your certifications, licenses, and affiliations with professional societies.

As mentioned above and illustrated by these recruiter resume samples, the work experience section of your resume will vary based on your preferences and the needs of your target employers.

You can present this information using the chronological format, the functional format, or a hybrid of the two. The functional format will begin with a separate subsection that will list your special strengths. This section can include areas of expertise, like presentation, communication, sourcing, interviewing, or corporate relationship management. List your past positions by title, and for each title, add the name of your employer, your start and end dates, your basic responsibilities, and the special accomplishments you achieved during your tenure.

Again, use these recruiter resume samples as a model and guide.

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The skills you list in this section can relate directly to the job and the industry for example, relationship building, presentation, assessment, and sourcingor they can involve indirect and tangential skill sets that your employers might find useful. A few examples include knowledge of specific Applicant Tracking Systems, experience working with candidate management or sourcing software, and soft skills, like strong communication and interpersonal skills.

No matter which skills you include, make sure this section is brief, clear, and professionally formatted. Your employers will want to know what else you have to offer outside of the standard expectations that apply to every candidate.We all want something for free but, as the adage goes, often you get what you pay for.

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So, what is a recruiter with lofty goals and a meager hiring budget to do? Look for free resume databases for employers, of course! This indicates whether the jobseeker was looking for work in or in Second, the free resume database should be high-volume, with thousands, if not millions, of resumes available for viewing at any given time.

And, finally, finding a database that ensures relevancy matching will ensure that even rookie recruiters can find the best candidates — fast! While many websites advertise that they offer free resume search, do be mindful that most then try to hook you into paying for the service by withholding important information or making it impossible to contact candidates.

Just sign up for a free trialand you can search, filter, and contact jobseekers immediately. To take advantage of the latter, simply enter titles or keywords related to your open position in the candidate directory tool — and sit back while the technology does the rest. LiveCareer has resume examples from every state and nearly every city in the U.

S, so you can find resume examples from a location near you. All resumes are rated for quality based on a point scale. Search for resumes by industry or job title to find resume relevant to your career and your goals.

FlexJobs Bending over backward trying to fill your open role? FlexJobs is a resource for companies seeking a flexible workforce. Therefore, if you are a hiring manager or recruiter seeking a candidate for a work-from-home role, part-time hours, or other non-traditional work situation, using FlexJobs free resume database is a great option. Once approved, sourcing resumes via your employer account is free, and jobseeker information is not redacted, though each jobseeker decides how much they want to share on the site.

Some only share email addresses, while others choose to share a phone number and address. The database is well-populated with opportunities in more than 50 job categories, making it a great choice for any recruiter who works for a start-up, small to mid-sized business, or a large company that hires flexible, remote, freelance, and part-time workers. JobSpider Despite the somewhat sinister name, there is nothing creepy about JobSpider. Founder Chris McGarry designed the site after he became frustrated while looking to fill a network administrator position.

One note: JobSpider. Behance was designed just for this purpose.

virtual recruiter resume database

When you find one that interests you, you can contact the creator through the site. Eresumex If you are looking to browse a free resume database that is filled with the resumes of jobseekers in a variety of industries and across a wide range of job titles, Eresumex fits the bill. In fact, Eresumex was designed specifically for that purpose.

The platform provides employers with exclusive access to a global resume portal at no cost, which means you can browse candidates from around the world — and their accompanying contact information — without paying a dime, or a euro, or a yuan. The site allows you to view resumes in full — and email candidates for free — however, candidate contact information is redacted unless you sign up for the premium service.

You can, however, contact candidates of interest using the free version. Startupers Startupers is a free resume database that makes it easy to browse candidate profiles thanks to a basic filter.

Candidates decide how much information they share — some provide a downloadable resume or links to their portfolios and LinkedIn profiles, while others prefer to be discreetly contacted through the website.


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